Custom Designs



Original Custom Sculpture :::  Creativity ::: Personal Attention   


Sculpture created with attention to detail, thoughtfully designed,

becomes seamlessly joined to the surrounding environment.


The perfect balance between originality and excellence,

nature and art




· high quality artistically designed custom sculpture

· with lasting materials

· for the exterior and interior

· for any location.


I use a variety of materials and can create sculpture in any size or design.


Subjects                        Materials                                                                                

Reaching for the Stars
Reaching for the Stars,
16.5 inches high cast in long lasting poly-resin, is symbolic of the goals and dreams we all strive for to succeed.


* Figurative                           * Bronze     

* Portraiture                         * Stainless Steel

* Conceptual Design           * Ornamental  Iron

* Religious Themes             * Resin

* Ornamental Design          * Marble

* Animal and Nature           * Cast Stone

           Themes                       * Ceramic

* Mosaics                               * Sterling Silver

* Mobiles

* Fountains

* Jewelry Design






I enjoy the challenge of creating original designs. Making something unique and personalized can produce the most amazing results.


Consult with me about your thoughts and wishes to achieve your vision.


Email for an appointment to discuss your ideas.

A proposal can be prepared from your ideas with drawings, time schedules, and an affordable budget.


*This custom designed bench was made to represent my client’s very specific needs. The over all shape of the back recreates the mountains they vacation and the seat has wave patterns to look like the lake at that mountain resort. All the symbols inside the bench are personal memories for the client and their family. The bench has become a focal point in their garden.




Custom designed bench made to specifications for client
Desk size reduction of Episcopal Academy's school symbol
Custom designed bench
made to specifications for client*
Desk size reduction of Episcopal
Academy school symbol





Custom designed Garden Gate and Trellis


Finished Gate and Arch

Custom designed gate and trellis
Finished Gate and Arch





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